Larisa's Mini Scholars Preschool

2019 Fundraiser Bake Sale

Bake Sale #1 Saturday, March 23rd

(Time and location coming soon)

Preschool families, on Saturday March 23rd we are holding our first bake sale of the year! We plan to have four all together. The purpose of our bake sale is to earn money to put toward playground toys and equipment.

We have a $3,000 goal for the year for our bake sale events!

If you are able to bake goodies for the sale please reach out to me to inform me of what you'll be making so we can plan accordingly.

If you would like to donate your time and help manage the bake sale, please let me know and I will get you on the volunteer roster!

You are not required to donate items or time, we are doing this strictly on a volunteer basis, so please don't feel obligated if you're unable to participate.

Things we would like to have at our bake sale:



-Cake Pops

-Rice Crispies





-Banana Bread

-Zuchinni Bread

-Donut Holes


-Chocolate Pretzles


-Strawberry Lemonade