Books about Dinosaurs:

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?

How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?

How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?

One More Dino On The Floor

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs

Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones

There's A Dinosaur In My Bathtub

How Do Dinosaurs Stay Safe?

Little Dinos Don't Yell

Little Dinos Don't Push

Little Dinos Don't Hit

Suppose You Meet A Dinosaur

Saturday Night At The Dinosaur Stomp!

Andrew's Dinosaur Adventure

How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday?

How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms?

If You Happen To Have A Dinosaur

There’s just something about preschoolers and dinosaurs. Exploring the world of dinosaurs intrigues the creative minds of our little ones.  Because no one was here to see them, there are only ideas – no right answers - to questions about how these creatures looked and sounded. When we explore dinosaurs in our classroom, we explore their habitats, their eating habits, their size, the noises they presumably made, and so much more! When we learn about dinosaurs in class, we have an endless list of topics we can cover together! The level of exploration we can reach during this theme is endless!

Larisa's Mini Scholars Preschool