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Young children love a blend of music, movement, rhythm and dance. This combination allows them to enjoy the music and express themselves. Music and movement together provide many benefits to the social, mental and physical development in children. Incorporating music and movement in early childhood education helps young children with social interaction and language growth.

Introducing music to young children helps them develop concentration, memory and listening skills. Music stimulates new neural pathways and connections in the brain, and it enhances the creativity and curiosity in children. Singing songs helps to develop a child's vocabulary, and if you incorporate dance with it, children are able to recall words through movement.

To be able to identify a beat within music helps develop the listening and concentration skills in young children. If a child is able to recognize a beat and then replicate it, it means they are setting the foundation for patterning, which is a key mathematical skill.

Movement stimulates brain development in young children. It encourages the formation of neural connections across the two hemispheres. Movement also plays an important role in language development, as early communication is entirely physical, and depends upon gestures and expressions. 

Dance allows children to express themselves. This is a particularly important aspect especially when the child does not have the proper vocabulary to express him/herself. Dance also helps develop a child's coordination, balance and control.

10927 East 9th Avenue

Spokane Valley, WA 99206



Music & Movement Summer Camp

​Monday, July 22nd - Friday, August 2nd

​3:00pm - 4:30pm daily

Cost: $135

​Children must be at least 2 years of age to attend this summer camp. The $35 registration fee is due upon signup. The remaining $100 is due no later than June 1st